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Living room interior & decoration in kerala

Pretty Inspiring

A royal design with the beauty of pureness of white.the best interior & decoration in Kerala. Whole living room renders brightness of white colour. Accessories, sofa, etc are with the shades of white. The brown wooden panelling area becomes the centre of attraction because of the colour contrast....

top 10 architects in kerala

An Imaginative Style

The glossy ambiance and combination of various pastel shades highlight the design. know about top 10 architects in Kerala. The furniture and fittings goes well with the color combination. The fresh look in the room with a study area option is provided. The black panel in between the light pastel shades is the point of attraction....

Flats interior designers in Kochi, Cochin Kerala


The Dramatic approach of natural wood is given in this design. find best Flats interior designers in Kochi. Variety colour combination is the peculiarity of this design. The room offers a rich royal look with great ambience and light arrangements. Materials are wisely selected for the design concept....

home architects & interiors in bangalore

Earthy Inspiration

A royal and rich living cum dining room is the main attraction of this design. check about best home architects & interiors in Bangalore. A wooden partition separates both the areas giving the private dining area. The polished wooden appeal in white ambience highlights the utilities and accessories in the room, giving a spacious feeling. Dining area is panelled with wordings that motivates and inspires the mood of the members. Unique design of dining chairs and wooden partition is very...

Rustic Interiors Bangalore

Tips for creating a rustic style in Kerala home interior designs

Rustic home designs have become the new trend in interior designing in Kerala. we are the best Rustic Interiors Bangalore At Monnaie architects and interiors, we have received a lot of customers demanding the same. For those who don’t know what rustic style is, let us tell you a couple of things. The Rustic style emphasizes nature-inspired elements, be it handcrafted or distressed. Rustic furniture mainly consists of wood and stone. We can also use clay, cotton, wool etc to...

kerala home interior designers - Monnaie architects and interiors

Kerala home interior ideas to make a small room look bigger

Having small rooms look comfy and charming but one main issue with them is that you get very fewer options to decorate it as things might look clumsy. Kerala home interior design . lot of people living in Kerala who are some of our amazing clients have consulted us saying that they need some help with interiors to make their room look bigger and spacious than they actually are. Most cities of Kerala are highly populated and hence space availability...

latest modular kitchen designs

Why modular kitchen designs in Kerala interior concepts are the new trend?

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas Modular kitchens are one of the most sought-after kitchen styles all around the world and Kerala is no different. A huge number of interior designers in Kerala agree to the fact that most of their clients choose to go for customized modular kitchen designs in Kerala. The kitchen is one of the most important space in every home and hence designing it in the best way possible is always a priority. Being the best Interior design company...

Eco friendly houses in Kerala

Tips To Introduce Eco-Friendly Interiors in Kerala Style Home Designs

We always say home is where your heart is. And your heart will always want to be where you get peace, happiness and positive energy. Eco friendly houses in Kerala .This means that your home should reflect all the things mentioned above. In the present day world where stress and negativities float all around is it's vital to design the home that can give you relief from all of these. There are several ways in which you can design your...

Home interior designers in Kerala - Monnaie Architects & Interiors in kerala

Minimal Designs

Minimalism in Home Interior The sole aim of creating spaces that are intimately personal, and intensely individualistic get best home interiors in Kerala. home interiors in Kerala. Our principals, who personally manage every interior project, carefully blend their signature touches with the client’s tastes to craft unique abodes that are truly bespoke.  The wallpaper designed with simple motif design adds in an eclectic fusion in design to space.  The bedroom though styled minimally brings in the cool and fun element through...

best bedroom designs for kids

Let Them be Little -Kids Bedroom Design Corner

Amazing kids bedroom design ideas Naughtiness area we covered with smooth colors and kid's favorite minions. best bedroom designs for kids. Colors are the smile of nature. Blue –it’s seen as a trustworthy, dependable and committed, the color of ocean and sky. Blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. This is the least gender specific color having equal appeal to both genders. White –is the lightest color and is achromatic because it fully reflects and scatters all the visible...

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