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Why modular kitchen designs in Kerala interior concepts are the new trend?

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Modular kitchens are one of the most sought-after kitchen styles all around the world and Kerala is no different. A huge number of interior designers in Kerala agree to the fact that most of their clients choose to go for customized modular kitchen designs in Kerala. The kitchen is one of the most important space in every home and hence designing it in the best way possible is always a priority. Being the best Interior design company in Cochin as well as in entire Kerala we have developed several amazing modular kitchen units designs. At Monnaie architects and interiors, modular kitchen units with accessories are designed and manufactured in our factory itself and they are provided to customers as per their requirements. We are one of the leading modular kitchen suppliers in Kerala with our headquarters in Palakkad. We are also one of the top modular kitchen designers in Kerala with immense experience and knowledge in the same. There are several reasons why people admire modular kitchen concepts and today we are going to share a few of them with you.

1. Easy installation

Installing a modular kitchen is easy as its components can be easily assembled, unlike traditional Kerala kitchens. Also, it takes very less time to assemble the parts as they are pre-fabricated. Another thing is you can transform the same kitchen to a different house as well since the units in it are flexible.

2. Better Space Management

Modular kitchens comprise of various shelves and cabinets which can be assembled in minimal space. This makes it useful for keeping a large number of things in the most effective way. Also, it ha specific spaces to keep everything, so the perception of a congested appearance of your kitchen would never happen here unlike in traditional kitchens. Monnaie interiors have unique space managing modular kitchen designs that are suitable for all sort of requirements.

3. Customization is Easy

Every customer might have different concepts about their kitchen and hence designing based on their requirements is necessary. In traditional Kerala kitchen designs, it is not possible to customize beyond a point because of the limitation of the design. But in modular kitchens, it’s easy to customize even in minimal space by incorporating more shelves, wall hangings, cupboards, cabinets etc.

4. Sleek and Smart Design

The sleek design of modular kitchens is totally attractive because of its minimalistic look. At the same time, its smart design concepts help to accommodate everything you need in your kitchen conveniently, effectively and creatively. Beauty along with efficiency is its highlighted feature.

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining modular kitchens is easy when compared to regular kitchens. They can be cleaned easily as all the units in it will be made that way. Also, any complaints or defects occurring in one unit of the kitchen never affects the other. Defected parts can be repaired separately. This makes it easier for maintenance.

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