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small living room designs in Kerala

Living Room Design Styles

Modern Designs: These types of living rooms are mostly mistaken with contemporary design but not. This design is of simple yet profound. These are known to be fixed but contemporary are ever changing. Best modern living room design ideas Modern design elements are Clean straight lines Oversized tiles with rectified edges Sanded wood floors that minimize the grain Wall bookcases and shelves pull-outs Open floor plans with few walls Lack of moldings trimming windows, doors, and walls Use of metal Bold accent...

Scandinavian Interior Style

Scandinavian Interior Style

Style with characterized simplicity, minimalism and functionality totally includes on Scandinavian styles. This design often makes use of form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enameled aluminum or pressed steel. Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared backed style that is centered around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, and understated elegance. Such homes are characterized by the use of earthy muted tones, honest materials, and minimal ornamentation. Benefits of Scandinavian Interior Wooden works preferably light, the floor in all rooms apart from the bathrooms. ...

sophisticated interior design in kerala

Sophisticated Styles

Transitional Style Transitional style or updated classic style with a contemporary twist know more about sophisticated interior design. This style dominates a blend of new takes on old classics. A contemporary blend of transitional and modern styles. Curves combine with straight lines in a transitional style interior to deliver a look at both simplicity and sophisticated classic look. This transitional style focuses on comfort and practicality to meet the lifestyle of active households. The scales of furniture pieces are ample but...

Types of modular kitchens

Designing a Modular Kitchen Shapes & Layout

Different types of Modular Kitchen Layouts in interior design 1. Straight Modular Kitchen or One Wall Kitchen This layout is particularly common in smaller homes or apartments. As it consists of one wall, across the back with all your kitchen cabinets and appliances in a row and often integrated. Usually, the sink is in the middle with the cooktop on one side and refrigerator on the other. View our Straight Modular Kitchen Gallery. 2. Parallel or Galley Modular Kitchen Parallel or Galley Modular Kitchen is...

best retro style interior design


Retro-inspired interior style in modern homes has become a trend now. Bold colors like purple & pink are one of the hottest presently, with accents of gold & silver here and there. Chic & fashionable retro concept can create a unique look &  a refreshing ambiance in your home. How to decor an Interior in Retro style The retro design style is a mix-match of past styles with some modern twist. Each year has got its own feature; focus on a particular era...

Home Architects & interiors in thrissur

Less is more

We often hear people say "less is more," which is related to mean cheaper is better. Find Home Architects & interiors in thrissur. The theory of less is more isn't about spending less. It is about achieving better design through simplicity. Minimalist interior design Choose a single stand-out piece and then let it well stand out. For instance, provide a rug alone plenty of color and pattern and neutral single color to this room allows the rug to take center stage. Choose objects...

best interior designers in Bangalore

Importance of Adding Plants in Interior Design

When we plan about decorating our home, we can think of many elements like panels, decorative elements, cladding, some photo frames. find Best Interior Designers in Bangalore. But there is one thing that we always miss when decorating is adding some plants. It can be because people would have not understood the importance of plants. Most of the time we hesitate to do it because plants may need proper care and we might not be sure of what type of plants...

Home automation in kerala- Monnaie Architects & Interior

Home Automation

Home automation explains about a system of controllable, networked devices that work with each other to make your home more customized, efficient, comfortable & secure. You “connect” with your automated home through a smart device or remote control. Homes that have a high-end use of automation many times have all of their automated devices available at one location, making it absolutely simple to control your home with the touch of a button. The range of controls that you have over...

best counter top materials

Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your House

There was a time when you could walk into any home and figure out how old the building was from the tiles used in it. These days, a homeowner can give every room of the house a luxurious, rustic or elegant impression, just by using any of the staggering variety of tiles on offer in the market. But with the endless choices, also come the endless questions – what size of tile to use, which kind in which room and...

Kerala kitchen designs

The Top 5 Kitchen Trends

Indian market is becoming receptive to innovative modular kitchen trends. This can be considered due to the increased number of international players operating in the country and gaining exposure to global trends. As a result of this, many trends have been set in kitchen fittings or materials and are slowly giving way to contemporary trends, which are sustainable and high on functionality. BEST KITCHEN DESIGN IDEAS & TRENDS THE INTERACTIVE KITCHEN Today, the kitchen is not purely seen as a hub for cooking...

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