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10 Tips To Make Your Home Interiors Look More Expensive

10 Significant Ways To Create Luxurious Interior Decor Avoid clutter & simplify A simple and spacious interior with minimal décor gives space its classy flair. It’s high time we interpret the actual concept of luxury. It’s not always bulky furnishings adorned with artistic molds. Luxury can be found in well-designed clean spaces having a unique aesthetic appeal. Avoid accentuating all the walls, instead even leaving some walls bare can add to the beauty of the space. The spacious and well-ventilated design is often...


Home Decor Tips for Positive Energy

Fresh Air & Sun Light Ensure proper flow of Fresh Air and Sunlight as these are the natural sources of energy, by keeping the windows and doors open for some time get home decor tips from monnaie. It is very important during home interior designing. Get best home decor tips from Monnaie Add Nature to your Home As plants increase the oxygen flow, indoor plants increase air quality. As the color green is calming and soothing, greenery makes us feel at ease and is...

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With the evolution of technology, there has been considerable development in technologies that make life easier and more efficient. SMART technology, standing for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, allows the automation of the appliances connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) through which they can communicate with each other and can be remotely controlled by voice, smartphones, or other networked devices. It’s the potential of that connectivity to improve many aspects of our lives - including the health of our...

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5 Ways to maximise storage space in Kerala style home designs

Storage space is an important aspect while designing your home interiors. Being interior designers in Kerala who have done a huge number of interior designing projects in places like Cochin, Trivandrum etc. where small area flats and apartments are common, we know storage is a big issue. But this is where your interior designer can help you out. There are several ways in which you can maximize the storage space in your home and today we are going to share...

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Why is it better to do interior designing during house planning itself?

Interior designing is the key idea to transform your house into a home and most people would agree to it. But how many of us know the importance of doing interior designing during house planning itself? The numbers wouldn’t be too high. Most people believe interior designing is something to be considered after building your house and moving in. Unfortunately, that’s a big misconception. As interior designers in Kerala who have done 770 plus interiors in and outside of Kerala,...

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Tips for creating a rustic style in Kerala home interior designs

Rustic home designs have become the new trend in interior designing in Kerala. we are the best Rustic Interiors Bangalore At Monnaie architects and interiors, we have received a lot of customers demanding the same. For those who don’t know what rustic style is, let us tell you a couple of things. The Rustic style emphasizes nature-inspired elements, be it handcrafted or distressed. Rustic furniture mainly consists of wood and stone. We can also use clay, cotton, wool etc to...

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Kerala home interior ideas to make a small room look bigger

Having small rooms look comfy and charming but one main issue with them is that you get very fewer options to decorate it as things might look clumsy. Kerala home interior design . lot of people living in Kerala who are some of our amazing clients have consulted us saying that they need some help with interiors to make their room look bigger and spacious than they actually are. Most cities of Kerala are highly populated and hence space availability...

Eco friendly houses in Kerala

Tips To Introduce Eco-Friendly Interiors in Kerala Style Home Designs

We always say home is where your heart is. And your heart will always want to be where you get peace, happiness and positive energy. Eco friendly houses in Kerala .This means that your home should reflect all the things mentioned above. In the present day world where stress and negativities float all around is it's vital to design the home that can give you relief from all of these. There are several ways in which you can design your...

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Less is more

We often hear people say "less is more," which is related to mean cheaper is better. Find Home Architects & interiors in thrissur. The theory of less is more isn't about spending less. It is about achieving better design through simplicity. Minimalist interior design Choose a single stand-out piece and then let it well stand out. For instance, provide a rug alone plenty of color and pattern and neutral single color to this room allows the rug to take center stage. Choose objects...

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Importance of Adding Plants in Interior Design

When we plan about decorating our home, we can think of many elements like panels, decorative elements, cladding, some photo frames. find Best Interior Designers in Bangalore. But there is one thing that we always miss when decorating is adding some plants. It can be because people would have not understood the importance of plants. Most of the time we hesitate to do it because plants may need proper care and we might not be sure of what type of plants...

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