Monnaie Architects & Interiors has been in limelight garnering appreciation and trust ever since its beginning. We are globally recognized as a top construction company as well as an interior designing company having famous architects and interior designers with two international and two national-level awards to our credit. Headed by Mr. Premdas Krishna, a reputed expert architect within the industry, we’ve got information in residential, business, hospitality, and retail initiatives. Our prodigious team contains of surprisingly talented designers and different specialists, who have thorough expertise and experience inside the enterprise as well as a group of younger and dynamic youngsters with innovative and creative ideas that cater to the tastes of the present day life.

As one of the fastest-growing Architects and interior designers in Kochi, Kerala, Coimbatore, and other parts of South India, Monnaie believes in stepping up the benchmark one step higher for our competitors with every project we execute. Our motto is to develop unique architecture, interior designs, and concepts that effortlessly flow with customer requirements yet incorporate our quality standards and signature style. One of the distinctive features that make us stand out in the industry is our process of designing the interiors completely before the construction phase. We offer different kinds of services like architecture consulting, turnkey projects, interior designing, interior furnishing etc. Our designers promisingly participate in all these projects from conceptualizing initial views, and furniture/material selections to budgeting and project coordination always with a positive attitude embracing precision, professionalism, and exceptional customer service.Together we believe in making projects that portrays aesthetics and sustainability

Our key features

  • An intense passion for creativity
  • Customer oriented.
  • Unique designs
  • Seamless Service Delivery.
  • Employees/Customer Well Being.


To deliver quality services to our customers by creating unique and practically viable designs that cater to their tastes, requirements and budget.


To evolve as the most influential architectural and designing company and become the number one choice for all sort of customers from around the world.

monnaie group director


Smt. Prema VS has been the quintessence of the company right from its beginning. She guides and monitors the overall working of the company and is responsible for making strategic decisions. She provides immense support and motivation to everyone in the company and is also a healthy critic who provides proper suggestions and ideas for its betterment. Her patience and tolerance is definitely an example to everyone who want to be successful in life.

monnaie group managing director

Managing Director

Mr. Premdas Krishna is the Managing Director of Monnaie Architects and Interiors. He is a young, dynamic and highly motivated person who believes in delivering quality services to his clients and works hard for making it come true. He is a graduate in B.Arch. and has specialised in both Architecture and interior designing. His knowledge and experience in the industry is a driving force for everyone in the organisation

monnaie group director


Mrs. Praseetha Rajesh is one of the Directors of the organisation who is in charge of leading and motivating the management team. She focuses on planning and organising the day to day activities of the organisation as well as analysing the company’s targets and accomplishments. A graduate in B.Arch. she is also responsible for managing the sales and business development team by actively interacting with the team.

monnaie group director


Mr. Praveen Das is one of the Directors of the organisation with immense knowledge and experience on end to end operations. He is a motivated team player who is results driven and positive minded. A graduate in B.Tech (civil), his ideas and concepts have always been unique and innovative. His excellent communication skills and his ability to maintain healthy relationships with everyone from supplies to customers and employees has made him one of the most influential persons in the organisation.

Monnaie Group Director Praghbal das


Mr. Praghabal Das is one of the Directors of the organisation who is a self-motivated and dedicated individual with excellent management skills.  An MBA Finance graduate from Bangalore and also a PhD degree holder, he develops strategies and concepts to maximize the reach and potential of the company on a global basis. He makes sure that the business grows exponentially by increasing the customer base and actively involves in employee skill management sessions.

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