Eco friendly houses in Kerala

Tips To Introduce Eco-Friendly Interiors in Kerala Style Home Designs

We always say home is where your heart is. And your heart will always want to be where you get peace, happiness and positive energy. Eco friendly houses in Kerala .This means that your home should reflect all the things mentioned above. In the present day world where stress and negativities float all around is it’s vital to design the home that can give you relief from all of these. There are several ways in which you can design your home for the same but there is something peculiar about designing it in an eco-friendly manner. Apart from giving you that perfect idea of home, it helps to get rid of all the harmful elements used in designing a house. Eco-friendly interiors adhere to using sustainable and environmental friendly interiors for your home and give you the pleasure of going green even at home. The good thing to know is these eco-friendly interiors are in huge demands in Kerala home designs. So here are some of the tips you can take note of if you want to go for eco-friendly interiors.

Eco-friendly ideas for decorating and furnishing your home

Eco friendly houses in Kerala

1. Plants decorate your home rather than anything else

Plants filter the air in your home and remove all the toxic elements you breathe in. Apart from that, it gives a fresh ambiance to your rooms. The more the plants in your home the more energetic and fresh you will feel. You can choose plants you like but we would recommend using Bamboo palms and peace lilies for better indoor air quality.

Eco friendly houses in Kerala

2. Let there be more windows and more sunlight

Most of the houses we see have a minimal number of windows and hence transmission of light into the rooms will be extremely poor. This would bring down the positive energy of the house to a large extent as there is no light or energy in those rooms. In eco-friendly interior designs blending in with nature is a vital element. Including more windows and making them face south would invite more light. This would help you not to the pollutants emitting electric lights. Also, eco-friendly windows are available in the market these days which will protect you from the harmful UV radiation from entering your home.

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3. Switching to energy efficient lighting

Most of the ordinary light bulbs you use at home emit pollutants that are not good for your health.  So in eco-friendly interior designs, it’s necessary to use pollutant free and energy efficient lighting system. You can use fluorescent lamps or LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulbs as they are pollutant-free and have a long life too. Also, more focus should be given to including natural light wherever you can. Incorporating table lamps, chandeliers etc. are also another way to go for energy efficient lighting.

echo friendly houses in kerala

4. Say no to plastic and chromed metal

It’s no news that plastics aren’t eco-friendly at all. In almost all places of the world, strong movements have been going on to eliminate plastic completely. So your eco-friendly home too should also say a big no to plastics as they are not easy to recycle.  Chromed metal is also not recommended as it is considered as a serious pollutant.

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5. Go for eco-friendly paintings and wall coverings

The truth is every single thing we use in our homes contain pollutants so it’s impossible to eliminate it completely but choosing things that are more friendly to the environment can be done and this is what we should go by while opting for eco-friendly interiors. This can be applied while choosing the painting as well. Go for paints that contain fewer amounts of VOC’s and water-based paints are the best in that case.

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