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Tips for creating a rustic style in Kerala home interior designs

Rustic home designs have become the new trend in interior designing in Kerala. we are the best Rustic Interiors Bangalore At Monnaie architects and interiors, we have received a lot of customers demanding the same. For those who don’t know what rustic style is, let us tell you a couple of things. The Rustic style emphasizes nature-inspired elements, be it handcrafted or distressed. Rustic furniture mainly consists of wood and stone. We can also use clay, cotton, wool etc to accentuate the look. However, the rustic style still seems confusing to many clients in Kerala and hence many people don’t have any idea of incorporating this style into their homes. As interior designers in Cochin who have executed rustic style designs, today we are going to give you some tips about creating or adding a rustic style to your home. Here we go!

Rustic Interior Design Style Ideas for Home

1) Keeping neutral walls all around

One of the simplest ways to gear up for a rustic look is just painting your walls. Going with neutral colors like creams, pale blues, soft greys would be the best way to give a rustic look to your wall. At the same time, nobody wants their furniture to stay outdated. So you can use color popped furniture in those neutrally painted rooms to bring in more life.

2) Using distressed wooden floors and furniture

The Rustic style focuses on raw and sophisticated living. One of the ideal ways to incorporate such a concept is to use distressed wood in the interiors. Wooden floors help to give that outdoor look to your home and if they are distressed as well you can get that rustic look without much effort. You can easily buy them online these days.

3) Go for antique lighting

Lighting is something that can change the overall look and energy of your home to a large extent. Rather than using regular chandeliers and bulbs, switch to chandeliers with real candles. Farmhouse lights and pendant lights are also a good choice. Again make sure you go for indirect lighting unlike direct lighting used in most modern style homes. As interior designers in Cochin, we have done amazing lighting works in all of our projects and we know that they can give a drastic change to your home.

4) Choose panelled walls

Paneling your walls can straight away give a rustic style to your home and using wood for the same will make it much better. And if you want to make it appear less dark you can use bright wall paintings and hanging mirrors. This can help in deviating attention from a darker background. Having done a lot of interior designs in Thrissur, Kozhikode, Cochin, Trivandrum, Kottayam and all throughout Kerala, we can recommend a lot of customized patterns based on your preferences.

5) Pick the right accessories

One of the best ways to get a rustic look to your home is by adding the necessary accessories. By incorporating ceramic and glass jars of different sizes, handmade quilts, vintage tins etc you can bring the ideal rustic home interior designs in Kerala style homes as well. We have used this tip at it’s best in one of our interior designing projects in Cochin.

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    Amazing post! Thanks for sharing these tips for creating rustic style interior designs. One should go through these ideas for your home decor.

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