small living room designs in Kerala

Living Room Design Styles

Modern Designs: These types of living rooms are mostly mistaken with contemporary design but not. This design is of simple yet profound. These are known to be fixed but contemporary are ever changing.

Best modern living room design ideas

Modern design elements are

  • Clean straight lines
  • Oversized tiles with rectified edges
  • Sanded wood floors that minimize the grain
  • Wall bookcases and shelves pull-outs
  • Open floor plans with few walls
  • Lack of moldings trimming windows, doors, and walls
  • Use of metal
  • Bold accent color
  • Clutter-free, no vases, no excess throw pillows, and no rugs

This design is an image in its most calming and free-spirited design among others. Given a feeling of a quite spacious and relaxing ambiance. A modern living room sits between the elegant minimalist designs & the energy of classic designs. They are never cluttered or chaotic with skilfully chosen decorations & accessories such as designer seating & lighting. A classically modern living room design will generally avoid bright colors, preferring pure white walls & muted tones. By using clever furniture and paying attention to light makes space cozy & welcoming.

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