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Best Wallpaper and Paint For Walls


Looking for an option to decorate your walls and are stuck up between to go with wallpapers or paint then, to decide on a wall treatment is not an easy job, there is end number of options available today and all might be confused with the two popular options – Paint or Wallpaper. While both of them have their own advantages and limitations, and the right option will depend on your type of requirement customer have. To decide on your choice...


Custom Made Furniture v/s Store Bought Furniture

Most people are often doubtful about the idea of getting custom made furniture for one very good reason: cost. It is often misunderstood that custom made furniture are expensive and has an ultra-high-end living which is totally not the concept. This should not be the deciding factor, as there can be many useful, better and practical benefits to custom furniture. A custom piece will solve certain problems that no ready-made equivalent can. Here are a few points which state their...

decorative panels

Decorative Panels – An Easy Option for Wall Treatment

A fast-growing trend in interior designing today is the decorative wall panels which are a perfect way to focus more on living space. Decorative panels are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns; can easily be installed directly on the wall. These panels are made of waterproof fiberboard. This is the best option for wall treatment and offers some unique advantages. Advantages of Using Decorative Panels on the Wall 1. Easy installation Most wall treatments which include texture paints and wallpaper...

Geomatric Pattern home interior design

Geometry Pattern Design

When it comes to interior design, it’s always more appropriate to keep an eye on trends. Right now, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular. We’re starting to see them popping up in room interiors here and there. There is no reason why you should not embrace current designs. When it is done correctly following trends is a great way to give your rooms a modern and incredibly polished look. We will explain to you why these patterns are becoming increasingly popular.  Geometric...


Trend of Built-in Appliances in Modular Kitchen

We are in a fast-paced world today and everyone is racing against the time and the appliances rule the entire functioning of the Kitchen. All our life is incomplete without microwave, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, and others. Modern and Contemporary homes now include modular kitchens, but need to know that are we ready for such an inbuilt kitchen with appliances: Integrated or built-in appliances are those that are permanently installed in a kitchen. A built-in hob is fixed to the countertop, a built-in oven...

Interior designers in kerala - monnaie Architects & Interiors

Interior Designers v/s Interior Decorators

An interior designer is usually involved from a very starting stage with a building project from the beginning, perhaps even working with the architect. His job is to help create functional interior space by understanding how the inhabitants will use each room. He may consider light, sound, and other design aspects also the structural considerations as well. An Interior Designer deals with the form and function of a house and work with creating a pleasing environment through interior space designing...

Interior designers in bangalore - monnaie Architects & Interiors

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Bangalore Bangalore city, increasingly being known for its stressful and hectic urban lifestyle, people have started extensively taking interest in designing their living space know about Interior Designers in Bangalore . We extend our hands for projects which can be Architecture and Interior Design for houses, apartments, commercial spaces, hospitality and retail outlets. We believe we have become a smart player in undertaking the turnkey design and furnishing for entire apartments of the builder project for uniformity and a service which...

Kerala style pooja room interior designs

Traditional Retreat

Inspired by Kerala's traditional style interior of this is the pooja room. Wooden element is processing this pooja room space with a stone cladding wall. The texture paint gives a magnificent Look....

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