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Kerala home interior ideas to make a small room look bigger

Having small rooms look comfy and charming but one main issue with them is that you get very fewer options to decorate it as things might look clumsy. Kerala home interior design . lot of people living in Kerala who are some of our amazing clients have consulted us saying that they need some help with interiors to make their room look bigger and spacious than they actually are. Most cities of Kerala are highly populated and hence space availability has reduced drastically. This has resulted in people choosing minimum space to build their homes. In this scenario, we are sure many people would like to know some tips on making their small rooms look bigger and better. As one of the leading interior designers in Kerala, we have many ideas for the same and today we going to share a few of them.

Best Ideas to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

1. Use bright and neutral colors like beige, white etc

If you have seen minimalist designs you might clearly get what we mean. In minimalist designs the commonly used color is white and this is why all those designs look bigger and spacious than the ordinary ones. Bright colors reflect light, unlike dark colors that absorb light. This, in turn, creates a more airy and open space kind of feeling. So choosing one of your favorite bright colors for your interiors would definitely make your rooms look bigger. We have done a couple of such interiors based on color schemes and have got amazing results.

2) Utilize maximum natural lighting in your room

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Allowing maximum natural lighting to enter your room is one way by which you can make the rooms look bigger and airy. Natural light opens up the interior and gives us the feeling that the rooms are larger. To get the maximum light you can incorporate more windows in your house designs as this would help you to get light without any additional cost. If you don’t have many windows then you can resort to using lighting fixtures that can help fix the issue. At Monnaie interiors we ensure that proper lighting is allocated to all the rooms we design as we firmly believe lighting helps to bring more positivity to every home.

3) Go for Mirrors – it does wonder

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Choosing to place mirrors in the right position in your home can definitely make your room look bigger. They reflect light throughout day and night and thus make the room appear bigger. You can place a mirror near the window to reflect the outdoors which is one of the very best ideas to create an illusion of having a bigger room. Also placing them on tabletops is another way to make your room appear big and spacious.

4) Organise your furniture properly

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Arranging furniture in a room is vital as it’s one of the key factors that decide the overall appearance of your room. Placing your furniture here and there without any sort of arrangement can lead to making your room look congested. Always make sure large pieces of furniture are placed against the wall to get more space. Also, at least some of the furniture should be of the same color as that of the walls to make them look blended with the interiors of the room. Also, make sure you choose raised armchairs and sofas to welcome more light and an airy feeling into the room. As one of the leading interior decorators in Kerala, we have a lot of creative ideas for the same.

5) Hang more bright paintings on your wall

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One of the best ideas to widen your room space is by hanging bright pop paintings on your wall. This will make your rooms look bigger as your eyes will be drawn to look upwards at the picture while entering the room and thereby creating an illusion of high ceilings. Another way is to hang painting near the corners of the room to draw the eye. Make sure you don’t hang paintings together so close to each other as this will result in making the room appear congested.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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