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Less is more

We often hear people say “less is more,” which is related to mean cheaper is better. Find Home Architects & interiors in thrissur. The theory of less is more isn’t about spending less. It is about achieving better design through simplicity.

Minimalist interior design

Choose a single stand-out piece and then let it well stand out. For instance, provide a rug alone plenty of color and pattern and neutral single color to this room allows the rug to take center stage.

Choose objects or furnishings that are simple and pure in design. Less is more isn’t always about a single object but how clutter-free and simple you keep the design of the furniture too.

Give things plenty of space. When you create minimalistic visuals, you let the most important elements shine by removing the excess and provide plenty of space.

Choose design elements that are simple and minimal. To create a less visual in the space, selecting simple design elements would be apt with flat colors and a lot of blank space. Blank and free space attracts the eye and has a calming effect on the rooms.

Designer’s Insight

As the saying goes, quality is more important than quantity. This rings especially true when it comes to achieving “less is more concept” in your home. It’s practical, simple, and even more affordable. Simplify your life by simplifying your approach to design for visual relaxation. Keep the above suggestions in mind while paring down each room in your home to get back to basics.

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