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Importance of Adding Plants in Interior Design

When we plan about decorating our home, we can think of many elements like panels, decorative elements, cladding, some photo frames. find Best Interior Designers in Bangalore. But there is one thing that we always miss when decorating is adding some plants. It can be because people would have not understood the importance of plants.

Most of the time we hesitate to do it because plants may need proper care and we might not be sure of what type of plants to be added in our home. There is much importance of adding plants into our décor and we will look about that today.

Benefits of Indoor Plants for Home Decoration

Easier breathing

Plants are the best partners for having fresh oxygen at a room and this means there will be an increase in oxygen level when more and more plants are placed inside the house. Some of the plants that release oxygen during the night are orchids, succulents & epiphytic bromeliads. These plants can be placed inside the house. Place these plants in the bedroom & you will feel relaxed while sleeping.

Reduce stress

Most of us will agree and find it easier to overcome the stress factor when there are plants around which gives a natural environment. Add more and more plants to your home and you can achieve it. Indoor plants can make us feel comfortable and will even influence us to feel positive. Can anyone imagine a room without a plant & with a plant, you can surely compare the difference of the atmosphere & the way you feel about the space.

Better health condition

It has been proved in the studies that plants can calm the heart rate and lower blood pressure. It can also reduce the muscle tension that is related to stress. It can also help to decrease sore throats, colds, coughs, Fatigue, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. It surely has a great impact to help us improve our health. Add more and more plants and be healthier.

Increases humidity

Plants release moisture vapor as a part of the process of photosynthesis as well as its respiratory process. Because of this, it increases the air humidity. Plants would release around 97 percent of the water they take in. If you want to increase the humidity of a room, you can add more plants and put them together.

Sharpens focus & creativity

Studies show that when plants are being placed in an indoor space, may it be a home office, classroom or workplaces; there is an overall increase in productivity which has been observed as a result of being able to focus on work. People also tend to be more responsive and creative because of having greenery in their homes.

This states that plants are really important not just for the outdoor area but even for the interior. It is something that we all need to make us feel even more relaxed. Plants can also create a more soothing & calm aura wherever you plan in putting them.

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