sophisticated interior design in kerala

Sophisticated Styles

Transitional Style

Transitional style or updated classic style with a contemporary twist know more about sophisticated interior design. This style dominates a blend of new takes on old classics. A contemporary blend of transitional and modern styles. Curves combine with straight lines in a transitional style interior to deliver a look at both simplicity and sophisticated classic look. This transitional style focuses on comfort and practicality to meet the lifestyle of active households. The scales of furniture pieces are ample but not overwhelming.

  • Texture is important
  • The multitude of fabric selections
  • Sophistication on durable materials
  • Plush fabrics, small scale graphics
  • Several textural mixes..

Color palettes are typically neutral and subtle and maybe monochromatic with color in art and accents, not upholstery and floors. Goose feather and down fillies typically used for upholstered furniture wood species and wood finishing is typically warm tones but can range from a natural finish to a high gloss lacquer. A transitional kitchen borrows elements or references style of the past and combines them with contemporary features to produce something new and fresh.

  • A mix of natural and manufactured materials.
  • A neutral palette
  • Lots of texture
  • Streamlined cabinetry
  • Blending old and new…

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