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Custom Made Furniture v/s Store Bought Furniture

Most people are often doubtful about the idea of getting custom made furniture for one very good reason: cost. It is often misunderstood that custom made furniture are expensive and has an ultra-high-end living which is totally not the concept. This should not be the deciding factor, as there can be many useful, better and practical benefits to custom furniture. A custom piece will solve certain problems that no ready-made equivalent can. Here are a few points which state their...

decorative panels

Decorative Panels – An Easy Option for Wall Treatment

A fast-growing trend in interior designing today is the decorative wall panels which are a perfect way to focus more on living space. Decorative panels are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns; can easily be installed directly on the wall. These panels are made of waterproof fiberboard. This is the best option for wall treatment and offers some unique advantages. Advantages of Using Decorative Panels on the Wall 1. Easy installation Most wall treatments which include texture paints and wallpaper...

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