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Vertical Garden – An Indoor Greenery

In small area homes and apartments, making room for home gardens is tough. So for the hardcore gardening buffs, we have found a way around and that is vertical gardens.

Yes, we are talking about plants that are grown in containers or geo bags mounted on the walls. Even we can have a drip irrigation system for easier management. And while such gardens are very popular nowadays and even the trend is fast catching up too.  But starting a vertical garden in an indoor space is an expensive affair. Also, we need to put in a lot of effort & commitment to maintaining it throughout.

The main and important area of concern is on watering the plants, which has to be done using a certain technique. The excess water must be drained out through a proper channel. Seasonal flowers, money plants, and philodendron are ideal for a vertical garden. Whether you grow the garden indoors or outdoors, all that differs is the plant types. Shade-loving hardy plants are used indoors, while sun-loving ones are kept outdoors. Plants also help to purify the environment and their color soothes our feeling and senses. It is a symbol of auspiciousness, growth, and fertility. Plants always help to reduce our stress and are good for eyesight. Very few people know that plants also improve the Vastu of a place. Since it is designed and structured over a specific area, it is much easier to control the spread of weeds. You can even grow different vegetables in geo bags and ago the organic way. Many people prefer soil-less place, which comprises only chemicals or chemicals with fertilizers. One can also use organic materials like coco peat, manure & other nutrients essential for plant growth.

Let us see how you can start your own vertical garden at home

How to begin DIY Vertical Garden

Define the area where you want the green wall. Any wall is good, but it is always better if you choose one that gets some natural light, even if indirect. If you are creative enough, you can make your own green wall with hanging pipes.

Area required

All you need is a perfect wall or a partition. It can be something as extensive as a wall of any rooms or even a small balcony wall. The structure of the green wall should be a three-layer sandwich frame, plastic sheet, and fabric so that even when you attach it to a wall, it stays unharmed. This also makes mounting easy.

Choosing plants

The location of the wall will decide and determine the kind of plants. For indoor locations, we use plants that grow in shade, and for outdoors, we use sun-loving varieties. Again, for balconies, we can use semi-shade plants. Vertical gardens even work as attractive room dividers. In offices, where we get indirect light, we use sturdy indoor plants.

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