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Flooring Tile Trends for 2017

There are a whole lot of things going on in the flooring industry right now, and tiles play a very crucial & important role in it. Kerala Flooring Trends & tiles. Not only there are tons of stylish, modern tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way in 2017. The main focus and innovation in tile flooring would be its ability to realistically duplicate the natural & man-made materials. This is the most prominent tile flooring trend in 2019-2020 and likely the years to come.

Top prominent tile flooring trends in 2017

Wood-Look Tile

We cannot say wood-look tile is new but the trend has developed now in terms of popularity and is quickly becoming a popular trend not only for kitchens & bathrooms but bedrooms, living rooms. as tiles are the most durable flooring option in the market & combining that durability with the look of natural hardwood is a combination that would be very hard to beat.

Brick-Look Tile

Brick-look tile has started gaining popularity as a wall tile & is now expanding & being used as a flooring option. Brick Look tile will look better as an accent wall or for a feature wall than on floors as it might feel differently.

Marble-Look Tile

The elegant, classic, timeless look of marble has been around for centuries &, in 2019-2020 it is re-circuiting once again. Natural marble is very soft and has pores, which is the reason so many homeowners choose granite for their countertops and tiles for their floors instead of natural marble. Marble Look tiles will always look elegant, classy.

Cement-Look Tile

The hottest & happening trend by far is flooring that looks like something which it is not & the cement look is no exception. Industrial & modern looking cement is not very typical inside the home, but in 2019-2020 will see homes embracing that look with cement-look tile.

Fabric-Look Tile

The Fabric Look Tile will have soft & subtle textures of silk, linen & more fabric finish on the floor. This fabric duplicate offers a soft appearance with a dependable, lasting floor. You still get the easy care & clean-up of tile, but your floors look like cozy linen or posh silk. It is a cool trend but chances are people will think it is cool for quite some time, but it won’t be the hot new thing for very long.

Metallic-Look Tile

Nowadays Metallic tiles are popping up all over the place & they actually look cute & cool. Trending in bathroom floors & as accent walls, metallic tile stands out & follows the theme of using new technologies to make appearances that had previously been impossible.

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