Best paint colour ideas for Home

Paint Hues for This Summer

The coming summer calls you for a paint job, & a refreshing one with cool colour tones. This summer, let your home boost up with a colour tone that matches the beauty & warmth outside. We bring to you a few colour ideas that will make you sink into summer with greater fervour than you ever did or had thought about.

Best paint colour ideas for Home – Interior design

  • Shades of Aqua: Aqua is considered to be one of the most summers loved colour around, reminding us of the clear sky, the ocean & water. Aqua colour tones let you try with all sorts of wall accents while reminding you about the essence of summer.
  • Sea Green: An ideal bedroom wall colour for this summer makes reminding of one of the beaches & watching the waves. Researchers say that Sea green has a calming effect on a person’s mind and can definitely be a hue to incorporate in home decor.
  • Lime: Lime is another colour that welcomes the idea of summer. Lime is bright and cool and during the day it is brighter and can be made inviting during the night with accent lighting. Its versatility makes this colour an all-season favourite.
  • Lavender: It reminds the beginning of a beautiful and breezy afternoon. The colour resembles freshness like fresh flowers and can make the colour more inviting with different light paint hues.
  • Dusty rose: Dusty rose is a version of pink. It reminds about roses and lilies. Other shades of pink like pearl pink & salmon are trendy shades that shout out summer in a cool yet classy way.

Getting different tones of a basic shade will match your walls like nothing else. Decorating your walls is also very important and designing and painting your rooms which moods the summer is a must watch.

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