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Expert Advice on Interior Staircases in Your Home

A staircase is a straight run, leading from one floor to another without a turn or change in direction. get best and beautiful staircase designs. A grand staircase is one of the few opportunities in a new home’s design for the architect to have fun and truly define the character of the home and its occupants.

Modern Stair Case Design Ideas for Home Interiors

Along with its size and shape, a staircase’s building materials can also make a huge difference between a plain staircase and one that’s decidedly upscale. An extremely popular & evergreen staircase material is wood.

The beauty of a wooden staircase is that it can adapt to any style of interiors; be it traditional, contemporary, or any other. A relatively new addition to the list of staircase materials is glass. Until lately glass was considered to be a delicate material & was used with caution.

The glass staircase adds a contemporary look to the home interiors. It offers a variety of color and texture. The Curtail refers to the shape of the first step if it is wider and more rounded than the others.

Spiral staircases are not the most practical feature, making it hard to take furniture up & down and often being more expensive than standard flights. Functionally, they must provide easy and safe passage from one level to the next.

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