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Sabarigirisan – 5800 sqft

This mesmerising project is located at the garden city of India, Bangalore. The interiors are designed following a Victorian theme for the entire area. Natural light with white color shades gives the entire home a calm and enchanting ambience. Victorian styled carved furniture made of wood and painted white are provided for the rooms. The living and dining area the highlight of the interior space, with marble flooring blended with wooden floors and luxury ceilings with intricate decors, a simple...

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Srujana – 2700 sqft

This contemporary style apartment in Bangalore with its elegantly curated furniture defines a classic approach in bringing luxurious simplicity to home interiors. We have stunningly blended the natural color tones with a bit of vibrant hues to bring in a subtle sophistication into the interior spaces. As one of the top Interior designers in Bangalore, we have used a wide variety of top quality laminates and cladding so as to ensure a lasting beauty. The wooden flooring in the bedrooms...

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Sheed Azeez – 2130 sqft

Exploring our ways into the next generation of style, this futuristic home interior decor portrays a fusion of minimalism with a dash of subtle sophistication. The glossy texture of the interior furnishings are complimented by the use of black and grey shades of planilaque glass. The black and white color scheme plays and important role in giving the interior its futuristic guise. The open kitchen and the foldable glass door to the patio ensures maximum daylight penetration and increases the...

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Niyas – 4800 sqft

This immaculate interior design accents on interpreting modern trends without sharp variants from traditional value systems. The Scandinavian palette of soft grey hues accentuate the bold furniture sets against the smooth marble floor. Placing a white clean-line sofa into a warm shell creates a cosy and welcoming feel in the living room. As one of the top interior designers in Kerala, we have taken utmost care to make each space unique with distinct features. The full height curtains with the...

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Manoj – 4200 sqft

“Each nook and corner of our homes speak volumes about our personalities.” This luxurious, robust and user-friendly home designed in a contemporary architecture style with a touch of classic elegance is a perfect example of what modern luxury looks like. The natural beauty of granite flooring combined with the wooden finished laminates serve as a trend setter in this voguishly designed interior décor. Four marble cladded columns surrounding the dry courtyard area with skylight on top highlights the interplay of...

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News 24 – 3200 sqft

Current architectural trend has entered into a concept of making reuse more attractive than rebuilding. The challenge of converting a 50 year old theatre in Trivandrum into a stunning Media complex was proficiently handled by our team giving due consideration in the structural, environmental, aesthetic and contextual encounters of re-using buildings. Being one of the best interior designers in Trivandrum, we have successfully come up with a low cost interior design within an existing structure. The existing rooms, staircase, balcony...

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Jalaja – 2700 sqft

    This voguishly designed contemporary home interior with its beautifully curated furniture and fixtures defines a classic approach of bringing in luxurious simplicity to home décor. The simple geometric designs in the ceiling together with the warm cove lighting creates a pleasing quality to the interior spaces. The beaver shade of the full height curtains beautifully blends with the overall wooden texture and its neutral colour palette. Upholstered low height furniture with the matching cushions creates a bold statement against the...

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Jose – 1200 sqft

Designed in a minimal contemporary fashion, this house radiates a sensual luxury with its exceptional functional design elements creating a simplified way of life. The open floor plan with its dominant white color keeps the space bright and uncluttered. Efficient space utilization is one of the prominent feature of this home. The inbuilt seating space under the stairs, long L shaped sofa for the linear living room, the open kitchen and the window seating space together proves this point. As...

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Rajesh – 2980 sqft

This elegant contemporary home interior offset by neutral colours portrays clean lines and smooth surfaces without any intricate detail works. Simple and clean is what defines the style. The colour, metal accents, texture, wood tone and lights are mixed in sufficient amount to get the perfect looking interior. The liveliness of each space is taken to another level with the introduction of skylights and pergolas. The play of light and shadow along with the geometric designs in the ceiling together...

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Abdulla – 3150 sqft

This contemporary style residence with its evident adaptations from the modern era is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity! The colour palette of the modern design is weaved beautifully with the fluidic concepts of contemporary architecture. The simple curved ceilings, the elegantly done CNC panels, the decorative hanging lights and the simple furniture accentuate this design style. Being one of the top interior designers in Malapurram, Kerala, we have beautifully blended the natural colour tones with a bit of...

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