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News 24 – 3200 sqft

Current architectural trend has entered into a concept of making reuse more attractive than rebuilding. The challenge of converting a 50 year old theatre in Trivandrum into a stunning Media complex was proficiently handled by our team giving due consideration in the structural, environmental, aesthetic and contextual encounters of re-using buildings. Being one of the best interior designers in Trivandrum, we have successfully come up with a low cost interior design within an existing structure. The existing rooms, staircase, balcony and other spaces of the theatre were efficiently transformed into a clean and fresh interior décor having all the required functions. The plaster of Paris works in the ceiling were painted in metallic black creating an illusion of modern day beam panelling. The lower slab height was tackled by coming up with a simple ceiling design and elegant light fixtures adding to the minimal theme of the interiors. As one of the top interior designers in Kerala, we have highlighted the spaces with the play of colour and material palette to create synergy and balance on all the floors. The bright colour texture walls and the colourful furniture together creates a vibrant atmosphere in the interiors.


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