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Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your House

There was a time when you could walk into any home and figure out how old the building was from the tiles used in it. These days, a homeowner can give every room of the house a luxurious, rustic or elegant impression, just by using any of the staggering variety of tiles on offer in the market. But with the endless choices, also come the endless questions – what size of tile to use, which kind in which room and...

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Strategic Pops of Colours

Are you looking out to renovate your room with a modern twist? And you want to freshen it up with some mesmerizing décor, or make a stylish statement with a fresh interior than the top six themes for the coming time are: Home interiors wall color design Ideas Back to Nature The basic traditional factor that influences on interiors continues with its lavishness of light, space, and simple, well-designed furnishings. The natural view is the core key in this "down-to-earth" theme. The basic aesthetic...

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Guidance Towards Painting

Paints form an integral part of any building construction. Not only do they reflect the aesthetic sense of the inhabitants, but they also attribute the powers of protection and durability to the walls hiding behind them. Without getting into the science of painting technology, let us approach house painting with a common man's perspective. It suffices to know that paints are broadly classified into two categories: water-based and oil-based. We shall deal with the types of paints, their classification, and proper...

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Designing with Cork – A New Way

Sustainability has been a hot topic for some time now and we had discussed this in our last blog and the designers are changing their concepts looking for materials that have got a lesser effect on the environment. Monnaie is the best Home Furnishing in Kerala. Materials that can be recycled, recyclable are gaining Vogue and had started to make their mark in architecture and design. Benefits of Cork in Interior Design One of these materials is cork is water-resistant, able to...

Kerala flooring trends

Flooring Tile Trends for 2017

There are a whole lot of things going on in the flooring industry right now, and tiles play a very crucial & important role in it. Kerala Flooring Trends & tiles. Not only there are tons of stylish, modern tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way in 2017. The main focus and innovation in tile flooring would be its ability to realistically duplicate the natural & man-made materials. This is the most prominent...

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Expert Advice on Interior Staircases in Your Home

A staircase is a straight run, leading from one floor to another without a turn or change in direction. get best and beautiful staircase designs. A grand staircase is one of the few opportunities in a new home's design for the architect to have fun and truly define the character of the home and its occupants. Modern Stair Case Design Ideas for Home Interiors Along with its size and shape, a staircase’s building materials can also make a huge difference between a plain staircase...

Interior Furnishing in Kerala

The Return of Rattan

Rattan is making its comeback this year as a material for furniture for your home, both indoor and outdoor. Here is some description of this material and its usage. Rattan is considered to be a relative of a palm tree. It is a type of vine tree that rapidly grows in the forests of the South Eastern region. It is grown in the shape of a pole, and the diameter varies between one to three inches. Rattan is considered to...

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Marble & Brass – The New Trend

If you are about the latest trends then you can certainly notice that marble has been the most desired materials in the last months. It can be in small details or covering walls & floors, marble seems to be the biggest trend right now. Marble used with Brass material can do wonders. Check out the stunning selection of marble furniture and its usage. The dining room is one of the rooms where we can use marble and brass to get...

Features of Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles – An Eco Friendly Material

Mosaic tiles' popularity in the interior is constantly rising due to versatility in nature and the ability to promote modern decor. By using mosaic tiles you instantaneously add a unique accent and a simultaneous classy character to your interior design, and in turn, meeting your personal unique taste. The mosaic tile patterns exhibit a rich artistic history and establish a refined style throughout the design – ensuring high quality. A wide range of materials classifies the mosaic tiles which are...

Best paint colour ideas for Home

Paint Hues for This Summer

The coming summer calls you for a paint job, & a refreshing one with cool colour tones. This summer, let your home boost up with a colour tone that matches the beauty & warmth outside. We bring to you a few colour ideas that will make you sink into summer with greater fervour than you ever did or had thought about. Best paint colour ideas for Home - Interior design Shades of Aqua: Aqua is considered to be one of the most...

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