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5 Ways to maximise storage space in Kerala style home designs

Storage space is an important aspect while designing your home interiors. Being interior designers in Kerala who have done a huge number of interior designing projects in places like Cochin, Trivandrum etc. where small area flats and apartments are common, we know storage is a big issue. But this is where your interior designer can help you out. There are several ways in which you can maximize the storage space in your home and today we are going to share a few of them. Here we go!

Best tips for space utilization in Interior design

1) Storage Bed

The bedroom is one of the rooms where we stuff in a lot of our personal things. Unfortunately, if you don’t have sufficient space in your bedroom, no matter whatever you do, things can turn ugly. Not just that a congested set up can destroy the total ambiance of the room. This is where storage beds come to rescue. The space below the bed is efficiently utilized by adding storage units. You get a lot of storage space this way and your home interiors look incredibly neat as well.

2) Wall mount cabinets

Interior designing focuses on placing even the tiniest accessory you have in the right place with all beauty. Be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen or study room you will have so many simple and small accessories to keep. For this purpose, it’s better to use wall mount cabinets with a lot of storage space. They are very easy to set up and if chosen in the right way they can complement your interiors. Normally we design wall mount cabinets for our clients as per their requirements in our own factory in Palakkad.

3) Upholstered storage benches

Benches have come back into the trend for some time now. Our interior designers in Cochin say this idea makes wonder to every single room. You can put these storage benches in your living room, bedroom or study room and at the same time keep your stuff inside its storage. These upholstered storage benches give a stylish look to your home interiors without much effort. Besides they are available at affordable prices online all across India.

4) Organize vertically

Storage comes in many ways and we would suggest you go vertically organizing your things. You can extend this up to the ceiling to get maximum storage. In such situations what you need to take care of is to categorize the stuff into most used and least used. Things that you use rarely should go up and the others down. As interior designers in Kerala, we have done this in a lot of our projects in Thrissur, Trivandrum, Ernakulum and have found amazing results.

5) Dispose of all the wanted stuff

This might seem like a silly thing to most of you but seriously this is one of the most important things to do if you want to utilize your storage to the maximum. Keeping all the unwanted things in your rooms eliminates the scope of keeping all your wanted stuff. If you are confused about the same you can buy a plastic container and keep all of them inside and keep it somewhere that is not so noticeable but still has some space.

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