Madhu – 2920 sqft

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Madhu – 2920 sqft

A beautiful house designed in contemporary architecture style in the land of Kochi, Kerala, this is one of the best examples of beauty in simplicity. One of the important requirements of the client was to make the design as simple as possible. This requirement has been satisfied by incorporating simple elements throughout the design. Importance was given on planning, lighting, and utility. Two colour tone concept has been implemented by using pure white and grey colours. To highlight the two wall edges of the house stone cladding has been used. To make the house look simple plain windows have been used. A straight line design pattern is followed in the entire design. Steel frames with toughened glass have been used in the open terrace handrails. On the first floor, two level roofs have been designed to highlight the roof and additional brickwork has been done on the edges. To get a natural feel, planter boxes have been provided in various places. Also, to get more light maximum windows have been used in the design. To hide the huge open terrace in the background, we’ve provided a dummy wall as a part of the design element. Instead of using normal sunshades, c type designs have been incorporated.



Land Area

15.5 CENTS

Built Up Area

2900 SQFT




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