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It is very common that no basic home theatre room layout and design is complete without considering the appropriate acoustic performance for the amusement space, whether that is a dedicated room for home theatre or any shared space in the house.

Only few realize that the performance of acoustics for a room is very much dependent on the layout, shape and size of the room but the truth is that when it comes to a home theatre room design, the room layout can affect picture quality & acoustics, but overall comfort and movie enjoyment. No matter how good the sound system is, if the home theatre environment within which it is performed is not tuned towards a good quality sound, it will sound terrible.

However, there is more than to just striking a balance when it comes to home theatre room design. Directly related to a home theatre room, the acoustic performance is controlling noise transmission between nearby rooms in your house. Neither have you wanted to disturb others with your home theatre sound, nor to get disturbed during a good movie with some undesirable noise from outside.

In other way, we can say that we have to create a room with in a room to isolate the inside walls, ceiling & floor, as much as possible from the rest of the house. In this way, you will be able to control the effect of the sound system on the room itself as well as stop the transmission of sound from both within as well as from outside.

While soundproofing a room, it can turn out to be expensive but the truth is acoustics can be done without spending big money. The cause is that when it comes to the transmission of sound between nearby rooms, the worst contributors are the windows & doors rather than walls, ceiling & flooring.

If your room shape is inadequately proportioned, the dimensions need to be corrected. Possible solution that can be done here would be the use of drywall partitioning by a small projection or a fitted wall unit that you can use to house your big screen display and the front speakers, etc. Effort spent at this stage of your home theatre room design will certainly pay off later during your movie viewing & music listening.


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