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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Backsplashes

If you are making your mind for a new kitchen backsplash as a part of a kitchen renovation or just replacing your existing one, then there are many materials to choose from. Deciding on one that will best suit your kitchen can be difficult when you may see the options.

Best Ideas to Modify kitchen Backsplashes


Tiles were once the most common material used for kitchen backsplash, and they are now making a big comeback, because of the range of colors, patterns, and materials now available. Putting a price on your tiled kitchen backsplash can be difficult though, as the cost of tiles varies greatly.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass backsplash is the best widely used backsplash selection now & with good reason. Toughened glass is easy to clean & is available in an almost infinite range of prints & colors. Glass backsplash in a kitchen need to be toughened, to guarantee that they can withstand the heat from cooktops. Toughened glass is a safety glass which, if broken, crumbles into small granular pieces instead of shattering into sharp edgy pieces, like regular glass would.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored glass backsplash are again a very popular choice. They really help to open up a space by bouncy cove light and reflections around the room. The mirror is not the clear one like your regular bathroom mirror. It has a smoky tint, making it much more appealing for use in the kitchen. Mirrored glass backsplash is a safety glass treated in the same way as toughened glass backsplash, so they are an excellent choice for kitchens and safe for use behind your cooktop.


Acrylic backsplash gives you the illusion of glass, but they are a more cost-effective alternative and you can install them yourself. Unlike glass, they cannot be installed directly behind cooktops, unless you use some additional protection in the form of a toughened glass or stainless steel plate behind the cooktop.


Stone is a very less common backsplash material but has started gaining popularity. You can use the same stone material on your backsplash as the one used for your countertop if you decide on this material. This creates a continuous, elegant & opulent look in the kitchen. But if you do decide to go with this backsplash option, it is advisable to have both your countertop and backsplash installed at the same time, so that they can both be made from the same batch of stone to avoid any colour variations.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel backsplash adds a contemporary industrial touch to a kitchen. The fact that stainless steel is used in commercial kitchens is a testament to its stability & hygienic qualities. Stainless steel backsplash is another option that you can install yourself & it is completely safe to use behind cooktops. Some people will choose to have a stainless steel backsplash behind their cooktop only and use another material such as acrylic or even tiles on the rest of the backsplash areas.

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