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Bedroom interiors in Ernakulam

Creating Joyful & Enjoyable Atmosphere

The two single beds side to side are convenient for the kids to play and discuss things.  The picture is perfect on the wall and the Venetian blinds are complimenting each other. The lighting from the false ceiling are extra thoughtful and cultivates good reading habits.  The wardrobes and the door are exquisite browns.  Light chocolate brown shades on the wall and ceiling are a clear tempting and in line with the headboards of each cot.  Any inmate will enjoy...

bathroom designs in kerala

Creating a Visual Balance

A celebration of nomadic style, infused with a modern feel. A grand space complemented by hot and cold Jacuzzi and decorative centre flood lamp with spotlights to soothe your senses. The ease to store the goodies and towels with extra storage space underneath the double washbasin is boon to work with.  Full-length mirror and picture portrait gives an enormous feel with a classy touch. The glass separated shower and sauna area is easy to clean and elegantly luxurious in nature....

Best architects in Kannur

Creates Plenty of Glowing

Sheer lamps seamlessly embrace the light from outside, the reaction is nothing but golden sunshine. With plenty of light and luminescence, the experience is a glow from in and out. The double wash and the greenery within it is all welcome feature. We all opt for something to separate the wash from the shower areas. The sliding doors with the jacuzzi sort of inner pool space are totally aloof of the normal wash.  The small full length stands for the...

kitchen interiors in Trivandrum

Classical Influence

This classical design is the dream space of most homemakers. Simplicity and classy feeling is the highlight of this kitchen. Whitewall painting gives a positive fresh look, while one wall highlighted in greyish blue provides a modern look to your kitchen. Black and white combination of bottom cabinet and granite top, gives a magical touch to its beauty....

Modern Architecture Design Kerala

Ceaseless Sophistication

This is an ultra-modern house with today’s trends explained with a strong sense of imagination and merrymaking and has been structured well with curves. This house is built in 60 cents of land with a built-up of 15000 sq.ft. in two floors with 4 bedrooms. The glass wall exterior gives a different look. The small shape carved to the side is an attraction. Open car porch and the exquisite serenity builts this contemporary and grandeur in Architecture designs. The Maple...

Villa interior designers in Kochi

A unique & Creative Design

A unique and creative design considering the preference of kids. A white and blue color design pattern is provided for wall tiles. Every kid feels the warmth of this color combination. Sanitary wares, cabinets and lightings are specially designed for kids....

living room interiors in Cochin

Astonishing Look

This design gives a modern luxury ambience. Pastel colour combination of wall colour and sofa is eye-catchy. Unique bend design of centre table is very unique and rare. Designer wood panelling is gone well with the overall ambience of the room. The woodworks at false ceiling give a luxurious look for space....

List of architects in thrissur

A Sharp Look with a Soft Touch

This ultra-modern design with an elegant look with comfortable utilities makes life simplest. The soothing design and colour combination make you refresh from your routine hectic work schedules. The space utilisation and the ambience provide you with the luxuriousness in your daily life.  Every person is different with separate colour sense, taste, lifestyle, etc. We provide designs that are your identity which is never a photocopy of another thus giving life to your dream home....

Modular kitchen in Palakkad

An Admiring Glance

Explore our gallery to find trendy Modular Kitchen in designs Palakkad for every kitchen shape & theme. Want to know more about our versatile and contemporary modular kitchens? Check our site....

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