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A Trendy & Traditional

This Exterior is an example of how beautiful a mixed style can look. The roofs have been done in a Kerala traditional style with a contemporary style touch at glance makes it a place to stay. The total land area is around 32 cents with a built up area of 4690 sq. ft. in two floors with 4 bedrooms. Happiness begins at the front door at this house. Grey is a festive, fun-filled color — one that is sure to...

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Embraces and Elevates

This contemporary house built with a roof that creates it look like some elegant style. The mixed style of roofs and curves seems absolutely astonishing with a mix of stone cladding and grey colored walls. The total land area is 14 cents with a built-up area of 4500 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms and a courtyard. The architect takes us on a tour of interesting modern and contemporary screened-in porches that enhance the architecture of the homes, take full advantage...

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Welcoming and Luxurious

This Mansion style House is enticing and charming, this home is a wondrous sample of a royal mansion that will entice anyone to praise on its sheer splendor. The elegance comes alive with the colour choice of beige and brown. The total land area is 25 cents with a built-up area of 7500 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms and a courtyard. ...

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Just Look at the Incredible Amount of Detail

The art and architecture emanate geographical and climatic conditions. This Kerala style elevation has a unique architecture that blends harmoniously with nature and creates an aesthetic appeal from its simplicity and functional perfection. A total land area 12 cents with 3400 sq. ft. a built-up area on a single floor with 4 bedrooms.  To create a balance between old and new, as well as a pleasing flow throughout the home, the team picked motifs in textures, colors, geometry, and small...

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Very Calming Appeal

A single glance at the Pooja room is enough to announce the home’s elegance. An intrigue and traditional style of Pooja with a vast area taken as a small yard increase the charm of this place. Such a clever design which clearly explains the importance of Kerala style of designing which is a very popular design style in all over the world. The Pooja door and roof has got small bells on it which is cute. ...

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Unique & Amazing

This Exterior is yet another mixed style of elevation with a combination of Kerala traditional roof and other elements of Victorian style. The molding works is a typical Victorian style. The total land area is around 56 cents with a built-up area of 5600 sq. ft. on two floors with 4 bedrooms and a courtyard.  As this stately colonial demonstrates, a home with brown shutters looks classic and elegant. Reddish-brown looks especially crisp when paired with a lighter color such...

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Traditional Inspire

This design is inspired from traditional style, but a combination of the modern element also. The wealthy false ceiling design with spotlights and hanging light is really commendable creativity. The texture of wallpaper and paintings gives simple yet class feeling for space. Curtain designs and furniture are unique and innovative in this design. ...

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Timeless Appeal

This is the favorite all-time classic design of most people. The star ambiance in the room gives a relaxing and recharging mood inside the space. Unique designed false ceiling is a wonderful creation. Grey and white combination as always gives a vibrant look to space. Appropriate spotlight, accessories, and curtains match with the scenario. ...

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Temper & Soothing Space

The pastel colour shades with soothing soft finish give calm and relax mood to the room. This unique design gives a spacious appearance to the room. The usage of minimal accessories and at the same time we prioritize the comfortable ambiance of the client. The design gives a clean and simple look. ...

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