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5 Reasons why you should hire an architect for your new home?

A new home is probably everyone’s dream and therefore it’s very important to build it the right way, we are the Best Architects in Trivandrum kerala. Many people tend to hire local labor contractors to get it done not knowing the daring consequences of constructing a home without an architect. Being the top architects in Kerala who have executed more than 770 projects in and outside Kerala, we know how much difference an architect can make in your new home...

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How to choose the right architect in Kerala if you are planning for a new home?

Planning a new home comes with a box full of responsibilities and some out of the box concepts. Your new home might be your biggest dream and hence it’s always important to choose the right architect for your home. An architect clearly analyses your requirements, tastes and ideas and then put it up into a beautiful plan after analysing the practical viabilities of the same. At Monnaie, our architects take intense effort to design homes as per client budget and...

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Home Automation

Home automation explains about a system of controllable, networked devices that work with each other to make your home more customized, efficient, comfortable & secure. You “connect” with your automated home through a smart device or remote control. Homes that have a high-end use of automation many times have all of their automated devices available at one location, making it absolutely simple to control your home with the touch of a button. The range of controls that you have over...

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Interior Designers v/s Interior Decorators

An interior designer is usually involved from a very starting stage with a building project from the beginning, perhaps even working with the architect. His job is to help create functional interior space by understanding how the inhabitants will use each room. He may consider light, sound, and other design aspects also the structural considerations as well. An Interior Designer deals with the form and function of a house and work with creating a pleasing environment through interior space designing...

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