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Why is it better to do interior designing during house planning itself?

Interior designing is the key idea to transform your house into a home and most people would agree to it. But how many of us know the importance of doing interior designing during house planning itself? The numbers wouldn’t be too high. Most people believe interior designing is something to be considered after building your house and moving in. Unfortunately, that’s a big misconception. As interior designers in Kerala who have done 770 plus interiors in and outside of Kerala, we know how much of a struggle it is to design interiors as per clients requirements when it comes to homes designed without space planning. This is why we design home interiors for all our projects during the architecture planning itself as we can design the house as per the interior requirements of our clients by analysing the available space. For people who are still a little bit confused about all these let’s decode the reasons one by one.

Importance of Interior Designing During House Planning

1. Accommodating your furniture

Suppose you want to buy customised furniture for your living room but your architect has already designed your living room and it’s not big enough to accommodate them. Wouldn’t you feel terrible? Of course, most of you would. But what if you had already shared your idea with your architect and interior designer during the home plan design stage? They would analyse the space prospects and make necessary changes then itself. We have done a lot of home interiors in Kochi in limited space availability as well but those interiors don’t look congested or fitted in as all of them have been designed before construction and hence sinks in with the house plan satisfying customer requirements.

2. Fulfil your lighting requirements

Lighting plays a dominant role in all types of home interiors. It’s the lighting part that determines the mood and ambience of your home. Here is where interior designers play a major role. While your architect designs the electrical points for your room you will definitely require an interior designer to show him where the lamp will be placed for better light and space management. We say this as we have done hundreds of home interiors in Cochin, Palakkad, Thrissur/Trichur, Kottayam, Kollam, Kozhikode, Trivandrum etc. and we have witnessed how much benefits clients can avail from designing the interiors during the house planning stage itself.

3. Make your interiors more appealing

We have designed and executed more than  700 home interior designing projects in Kerala and we have seen how appealing your interiors would be if designed properly right from the stage of architecture planning itself. Trying to fit in your favorite furniture in a home after constructing it can be a risky thing as long as you haven’t done space planning with an expert interior designer.

4. Give a personal touch to your home

It’s a simple fact that all of us will have a beautiful picture of our dream home interiors right from the moment we think about building one. But somehow it becomes a distant goal once architecture planning begins and things take the wrong turn from there. As home interior designers in Kerala, we have talked with hundreds of clients and realised everyone has their own unique concepts about their dream home. Many of them talk about specific elements to be incorporated into their rooms to get more light or a peculiar ambiance. All these things can be executed effectively only if you design the home interiors in the beginning stage. Otherwise, your interior ideas might not fit into the designed space and personalization becomes almost impossible.

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