Home Decor Tips for Positive Energy

Fresh Air & Sun Light

Ensure proper flow of Fresh Air and Sunlight as these are the natural sources of energy, by keeping the windows and doors open for some time get home decor tips from monnaie. It is very important during home interior designing.

Get best home decor tips from Monnaie

Add Nature to your Home

As plants increase the oxygen flow, indoor plants increase air quality. As the color green is calming and soothing, greenery makes us feel at ease and is also helpful in stress relief. Eco-friendly Interior Designs add quality to life. Home interior Courtyard designs are now a trend in Kerala.

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The aquarium is one of the best way to add a piece of nature to your home. As Aquarium represents the moving water, it has the potential to produce a huge amount of positive energy. As aquarium creates a calm atmosphere, it helps in stress relief which results in good sleep thereby increasing the quality of day to day activities.


The mirror reflects energy. A well-placed mirror creates brightness and openness in the room. Mirrors enlarge your space as well as add light in the room by reflecting the light.

Hanging Pictures

Turn your wall into a piece of art by adding pictures to your walls. Hanging pictures of your loved ones enhance the relationship between the family members. Try to avoid pictures of a fight, loneliness, sadness, poverty, etc. Try paintings of Sunrise, Greenery, Scenery, Happy moods, etc to generate positive energy.

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