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5 Reasons why you should hire an architect for your new home?

A new home is probably everyone’s dream and therefore it’s very important to build it the right way, we are the Best Architects in Trivandrum kerala. Many people tend to hire local labor contractors to get it done not knowing the daring consequences of constructing a home without an architect. Being the top architects in Kerala who have executed more than 770 projects in and outside Kerala, we know how much difference an architect can make in your new home without altering your budget limits. Today we are going to share with you ten reasons why you should hire an architect for your new home.

What professional Architects do

1) Expertise in the subject

Architects are people who have thorough knowledge on the technical aspects of a structure more than anyone else. They can clearly analyze the requirements of the client and design the house as per them. Unlike local contractors, they have expertise in a wide range of topics like landscaping, materials used for construction, practical viabilities of a plan, space planning, etc. At Monnaie, architects offer supervision throughout the project phase to ensure that everything they designed is done right. Our architects in Kerala are experts having immense experience in the industry.

2) Transforming ‘your’ concept to reality

Everyone will have a concept about their new home even though most of them might not have a clear idea about the exact design specifications. This is where an architect comes to your help. As one of the best architects and interior designers Trivandrum, in Kerala who has done numerous projects for over a decade, we have seen clients expressing their ideal home concepts but with a huge number of doubts and concerns. This is because they are concerned about the practical viabilities of those concepts. Only an architect can analyze those concepts and transform it into a plan after proper space planning and practical viability assessment. A local contractor would never be able to assess it professionally and it will end up designing the plan as per their convenience.

3) Obligation to rules and regulations

While clients mostly end up looking at the final external beauty of their home, there is much more to do for your home than just that. There are several rules and regulations to be followed while building a home. An architect knows all the paperworks clearly and they know to design the plan by complying to all those. This will help to get the plan approved by the building permitting authority without getting rejected. For example, as one of the leading architects in Kerala having enough experience in the industry, we know all the rules and regulations concerning our stream and this helps in getting our plans approved easily without any concerns.

4) Saves your money

We have seen several instances where new homes are being built and then reconstructed because of a lack of proper space planning and practical viability assessment. This happens when you don’t have an architect to plan and supervise. If you hire an architect he/she will make sure that every alteration required is corrected before beginning the construction itself. Hence, you won’t have to waste your money on making alterations over and over again after construction. Besides, an architectyou your requirements and what kind of home you need. So, they will design the plan accordingly without breaking your budget limits. It’s because of all these that we are being recognized as the best low-cost architects in Kerala.

5) Proper space planning

Space planning is very important when it comes to both architecture and interiors. Planning and designing without considering the available space is a waste of time, energy and money. At Monnaie, space planning is given integral importance. Even if the plot is small we make sure that maximum space is utilized and that too, complying with the requirements of the client. We do interior designing during architecture planning itself so as to ensure proper space planning.

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