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A designing package is an innovative idea from us, In which all your designing requirements are fulfilled through our creative approach in each and every step of designing. You may be constructing a brand new home, renovation or want to furnish your house, for all this our designing package is an unavoidable factor. We provide a complete set of drawings, designs, quotation, dedicated architect and a creative team JUST FOR YOU! So that your dreams are fulfilled as you dreamt.

Architectural packages
Interior Designing Packages
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Minimum 800 sqft for Interior package and 2000 sqft for Architectural package

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Architectural  Payment Terms :-
  • 30 % of service cost as advance
  • 40 % of service cost before submission of initial exterior views
  • 30 % of service cost before submission of final working drawings
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Interior Payment Terms :-
  • 80 % of service cost as advance on agreement
  • 20% of service cost on submission of initial designs
  • TA will be additional
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What is your work process in architecture package?
Once the package is selected by the client, our designing team will contact you for a site visit to collect the actual measurements of the plot, geographical conditions, surroundings and real photographs of site which would help us for our designing. We will collect your preference, taste, and budget, reference images to understand your choice and what you are expecting. We will be sending you the floor plans taking care of the technicality and space utilisation as well. Once approved, we will provide you the exterior designing views in 3D considering your taste and preference with our creativity, once it is approved we will proceed with detail working drawing which includes sanction drawing, elevation and sectional drawings, centre line plan, set out plan, roof plan, interior furniture layout, basic electrical & plumbing drawing along with a detailed estimate for construction works.
What is your Designing Process is interior package?
Once the package is selected by you our designing team will contact you for a site visit to collect the actual measurements and real photographs at site which would help us for our designing. We would collect your preference, Taste, budget, reference images to understand your choice and what you are expecting. We will be sending you the Interior Layout in which we will show you the positions of furniture, fixtures, and appliances taking care of the technicality and space utilisation as well. Once approved will provide you the Designing views in 3d considering your taste and preference with our creativity, Once it is approved we will proceed with detail drawing which includes Ceiling, Electrical, Furniture, Wall Paint colour details along with a detailed Estimation
Is there any minimum area/ Budget for undertaking the project? Or Can I get Designed my home important areas?
Yes, you can design the important areas of your home as per your preference whereas the total area selected should be minimum 1000 square feet, if you have some lesser space to be designed still the charges will be applicable for 1000 sq. ft. only.
How do you charge for your services?
We charge according to the package you select. The deliverables in each package is set to meet the needs for the construction work as required. Our Architects and designers time is spent on coordinating deliveries and generally ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly. The mark-up covers this entire process and assures the client’s needs are met.
Will it be expensive?
Our aim involves efficiency along with Quality. Our architects and designers have a great deal of experience and will be able to give you time to focus on your Budget and design it accordingly.
What is a designing view?
Designing views are the 3D representation of the exterior designs which gives you a complete idea about how your dream home will look from the exterior. Having designing views can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home.
Can I include my own style into the design?
Our designers work with many unique styles. However, the client can work with the designers to create their own signature style. We are happy to assist you as a consultant so that you can use us for the entire process, or simply for consulting and advice.
How do I know I will get an interior design that can design to a style I like?
Our professional team work together with you to find the appropriate design solutions, working with you every step of the way to meet your specific needs along with our Creativity.
Will this 3D views which I see can be executed as same?
Our qualified professional team will analyse each and every part such as measurement, material availability, cost of execution etc. For Execution we can assure you what is shown in the designing views we will execute the same at site.
Why do you charge for editing?
As this editing will require same effort, time and man power which will lead to additional cost.
What is working Drawings?
Working Drawings are the detailed description of the designing views in terms of doing the execution as per the designing views.
What is a sanction drawing? Is it necessary for construction?
Every state government in India has certain building rules and guidelines set where any new construction activity should get a building permit/approval prior to any construction work. Sanction drawing is a file (consisting of all layouts/plans) of the proposed construction work that will be carried out at site. To start any construction activity this is the most important drawing.
What should I do with the sanction drawing?
We will be providing a file of sanction drawing (3 Copies) required for the submission in the Corporation/Municipality/ Panchayath with the seal of the registered architect/engineer. The same will be submitted by us in the office for the collection of the building permit.
Is there anything required from my end for the submission of sanction drawing?
The following are the details that we would require from your end for the submission of sanction drawing:
1. Possession certificate
2. Recent land tax receipt
3. Agreement copies
4. Location certificate
How long will it take to get the building permit upon sanction drawing submission?
It will depend upon the existing Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath rules which may vary from place to place.
What is working Drawings?
Working Drawings are the detailed description of the designing views in terms of doing the execution as per the designing views. It includes elevation, section drawings.
What is your project flow in Architectural Package?
Initial requirement analysis -> site visit -> Collection of preferences, references ->Floor plans -> Approval->Exterior design-> Approval -> working drawings -> detail project costing.
What is your project flow in Interior Package?
Initial requirement analysis -> site visit -> Collection of preferences, references ->Interior Layout -> Approval->interior design draft -> working drawings -> detail project costing -> project cost confirmation -> execution.
What is the standard project Duration time?
Depends on the designing work of the property. It will be indicated at the start of the project.
Is it possible to do interior design in my old house?
An interior design can give a new look to your house without any structural change. Our team with engineers and designers will provide you all the support in renovation of your house.
Can you provide a sample design as per my requirement before going for agreement?
We are doing customized designs especially for you as per your taste and budget in an aesthetical view. You can go through our previous projects to know about Monnaie but the design you will be getting is a new one designed only for you. In short you will get what you always dreamed off.
I already have a plan; I need Elevation, working Drawings and sanctions drawings for this. Will you guide me on this?
No. of course you can contribute ideas, reference etc, but the final plan will be designed along with the Unique Creativity of Monnaie.
What will be the cost of furnishing?
Furnishing charges will vary as per the design and material selected for furnishing. Our designing team will work as per your budget and ensure that you will get the best design in your budget.
What is BOQ?
It is a detailed break-up of work-items to provide an understanding on the project costing. It is only prepared after the final design process.
What is Floor plan?
Floor plan is a drawing which shows the relationship between position of rooms, space & other physical features in the building
What is 2D Layout & 3D views?
3D views are the visual realistic representation of the elevation of the building. 2D Layout is similar to floor plans with measurements, name of room and room sizes.
What is space layout?
Space planning is very important while going for designing whether it is a two room house or multiple rooms laying the furniture as per the space available and utilising it to the maximum.
What is false ceiling?
False ceiling is a ceiling given below the actual ceiling to provide space, for easy access to wiring and ducts or to alter the dimensions of a room.
When are the Site Visits Done?
Once the payment is confirmed we would arrange a site visit to collect the plot measurement and to take the photographs of the geographical area to proceed with our work. Other than that standard inspection as per the package selected will be carried out, if you require additional inspection during the construction stage travelling and other expense to be borne by you.
What is an interior layout?
Interior Layout shows the exact furniture that can be accommodated in the available space in a plan. For instance in a Dining room the layout will show the positions of Dining Table/chair, crockery unit, wash counter, creative wall etc.
What is furniture Drawings?
Furniture drawings are the drawings which will give you detail about the furniture shown in the designing view with its elevation – which contains the height and width of the furniture, panelling etc. and section – which contains the sides, inner cut view of the furniture which shows the plywood thickness, measurements, distance between plywood and Isometric View- which contains visually representing three dimensional objects in two dimension in technical, so that it can be easily made into a furniture by the carpenter.
What is section & elevation drawing?
Section drawings will show the cross section of a Building structure which will appear once it is cut vertically. The elevation drawing is that which shows the front & side view of the building.
Does your package include painting?
Our Package does not include painting, however we will give the wall paint colour details of interior, if needed we can provide you the painting but on additional cost.
What is structural drawing?
Structural drawing is which consist of all the drawing which describes structural member of the building & their relationship to each other. This service is under our premium package.
What is roof plan?
Roof plan is used to show the shape of the roof. The materials such as roofing materials, vents & their location & the type of underlayment are also specified in this drawing.
What is a Ceiling Drawing?
Ceiling drawing is a plan which shows the items that are placed or shown in the ceiling of a room. It shows the height of the ceiling, material provided like paint, wood. Ceiling Plan – consists of a drawing of the ceiling view and Section – consists of inner side of ceiling, Cove Light space and thickness of gypsum board
What is an Electrical drawing?
Electrical drawing is a plan which shows the basic electrical points – which consists of switch boards, wall bracket lights which are shown on the wall, fan Points, AC points, Ceiling light details, cove light connections and looping which is basically the wiring shown in the drawing from a switch to the connection.
What is a plumbing drawing?
Plumbing drawing shows the system of piping of fresh water going into the building and waste going out both solid and liquid.
What is a flooring layout?
Flooring Layout shows the details of the Floor materials with dimensions given and its measurements for design provided in the floor.
Do you provide service for furnishing?
Yes we would be happy to serve to with our furnishing option and we believe in delivering with 99% accuracy of the designs shown in the view with the actual delivery at execution.
Where do you get your furniture?
We get our Furniture for our own Factory with using modern equipment. What we show in designs, the same we are capable of producing from our factory with such skilled workers.
Do I have to use designer’s services for everything or just as needed?
Every Designer works differently. We are happy to work with you as a consultant and you can either use us for the entire process, or simply for consulting and advice, allowing you to make your own choice.
Why do I need an interior designer if I already have an architect?
Architects and Interior Designers work very differently. Most Architects work with structure and building design and prefer not to work with details of interiors, such as kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, colour schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments. Designers can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, as your budget allows. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces.
Can I use my existing furniture?
Yes you can place your existing Furniture or any furniture purchased by you. You may give us the photograph of your existing or purchased furniture and our team will look into the Furniture provided and if it requires minute detailing then it would be an additional charge to design.
How to finalise the number of views for my home?
It depends on the area of each room and where the camera angle is set, for example for a living room it requires 2 views as one side it will cover the seating arrangements and the other side can cover the LED unit and shelves. So in total to cover four complete walls 2 views would be required.
What if the designs are not as per my preference?
According to your preference, taste, choice & reference, our inventive team will design the views considering the technical factors. So there are very rare chances of such things to happen.
Do you provide service for construction?
Yes we would be happy to serve you through ‘MONNAIE DEVELOPERS’. It is our sister concern dealing with the construction work for our clients specifically.
Can I outsource for the construction work?
Yes, you can outsource for the construction work.

Architectural package is related to planning and designing a space and ambience to reflect the functional, technical and aesthetic considerations. Architectural package consists of floor plans, Elevation, Section details, Photorealistic view of the elevation, Joinery details along with basic Electrical and plumbing details. While designing we make sure the proper space planning, space utilisation and purpose of the requirement. You also get the interior design of your home as per your taste and preference and with all the detailed drawings for the approved Photorealistic views.

Interior designing package is a conceptual planning and proper utilisation of an interior space with design aesthetics. With interior designing it has become easy for a full range of services as everything is delivered right to you via email. You provide us with your floor plan, room sizes, preferences, budget and we will design your personal dream into reality using our creativity. Interior designing Package includes the Interior layout, Photorealistic views and detailed drawings of the approved designing views and furnishing estimation if preferred.